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The Save Our Nation project is a national effort to bring awareness to the only solutions to the problems that plague our nation. To  influence the people and their representatives to call for a Convention of States and to add real solutions with overdue amendments to our nations constitution. To end special interest with greater representation of the people and their States.

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Our mission is to call for amendments to the United States in order to end the problems we experience today while setting a national course of a defined purpose with a higher level of public virtue within our governing body.

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Our goals in amendment changes centers on the principles that are known to work along with a change in the architecture of our governments design. We have the greatest hope to secure our laws that we live by with a return to the recognition of God. His placement into the original constitution of the United States of America was the first time a moral conscience was placed into a written document for a reason. It was to create a balance between God and nature with a defined base to our laws to bring about the greatest degree of civility.  We also support a move in the voting of sensitive issues back to the States and for the people to decide, rather than voting on sensitive issues at the federal level that divides the nation. We are calling for compulsory military service that includes community service in order to bring back a way of life that created the "Greatest Generation." We call for the creation of a monetary system based on a national reserve of savings. We also call for a fair tax on commerce with the elimination of an unethical tax on the money you rightfully earned with over 200 years of precedence on our side. Most importantly, we call for a defined purpose of our nation to provide a strong defense while setting goals to cure the ills of cancers and disease that should have been cured years ago. We are spearheading a project to end the waisting of the peoples money with a return to greater innovations and the ability for every American to dream.


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